Jeff Blue is a multi-platinum music producer with more than 25-years in the music industry. After finding success as a music journalist writing about unsigned artists, Jeff found his calling as an A&R executive in charge of finding and developing new artists. The first artist Jeff discovered in 1997, would end up being a game changer and would set Jeff on a path of success.

Jeff Blue

The drummer in action. A photo close up process play on a musical instrument

In 1997, as the A&R man for Zomba Music Publishing, Jeff signed small local band Xero on the night of their first performance. With years of experience writing about unsigned artists, Jeff knew he could turn this band into a worldwide success. He worked with the band for three years, helping build their sound and identity and never giving up, even after endless rejections from indie and major record labels alike. He showcased the band 44 times before signing them to Warner Bros. Records as the new Sr. VP of A&R, and introduced the world to the newest rock band, Linkin Park. Jeff spent the next year as the executive producer of their debut album “Hybrid Theory,” which was released in 2001, becoming a worldwide record breaking success.

Jeff Blue continued working with Linkin Park, creating more opportunities and helping them grow into the worldwide sensation they are today. The band has gone on to win more than 63 awards including two Grammys. Jeff has received Platinum Sales Awards in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 for his contribution to the band’s success. Even more important, this early success cemented Jeff as an A&R executive to watch and put Jeff on the path to success.