In 1995, Jeff Blue was a music journalist for Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, and HITS magazine. He had recently started Crossroads Magazine, where he wrote about unsigned artists in both the Los Angeles area and around the country. His talents and abilities to spot potential music sensations caught the eye of Zomba Music Publishing, which offered him a job in the Artists and Repertoire division of the company.

Jeff BlueOne of the first acts Jeff Blue signed as the newest A&R executive at Zomba Publishing helped to cement his reputation as an A&R superstar. In 1997, Jeff heard the local band Xero’s first performance, and soon thereafter signed them to a development deal. Jeff spent the next three years developing the band, changing their name first to Hybrid Theory before settling on the name Linkin Park. Jeff showcased the band more than 44 times before he was able to secure them a deal. As the newest Sr. VP of A&R at Warner Bros. Records, Jeff signed Linkin Park and executive produced their record breaking album, “Hybrid Theory.” The album was an instant success, selling more than 4.8 million copies during its first year, which earned it the status of best selling album in 2001.

The success of Linkin Park was only the beginning for Jeff Blue. During this time he was also developing the Grammy Award-winning artist Macy Gray, and signed Limp Bizkit and Korn to publishing deals. Jeff’s early success as an A&R executive has provided him with an abundance of opportunities throughout his amazing career as a multi-platinum music producer and award-winning songwriter.